I like the web.

Really. Everything about the web... The part that fascinates me most about the internet is that we're still in the infancy stages of really understanding how people will use the capabilities and efficiencies that the internet provides. The web has already built fortunes, changed and destroyed industries, and yet people collectively are still so unsure of how to use it. There are no long-established "rules," best practices change almost monthly, and "game changers" pop-up almost annually. What could be more exciting?

I build the web.

Back at the turn of the millennium I was building small websites for myself, friends, family, and some clients. As I went through school I focused on design, while maintaining income by building websites. I started my career as a designer that also developed websites, and I transitioned eventually to being the Interactive Director at a small ad agency. I am currently working at a large cabinet manufacturer as a web project manager and liaison between Marketing and IT departments.

My client list over the years has included Atlas Van Lines, Goalrilla Basketball, Bear Archery, Woodplay Playsets, DBD Advertising, and MasterBrand Cabinets, among many others.

I talk the web.

When you love something, it shows. Check me out on other sites and see what I talk about.